The Best Athletes

I have a theory that the best athletes to have ever played most sports have never played them at all.

What I mean is that most people never try most sports, either because of cultural boundaries (the sport doesn’t exist in their country) or social reasons (it costs a lot of money or luck of birth to train in bobsledding or figure skating.)

Some sports are tried by most people, such as football, baseball, basketball and sprinting. This makes these sports more interesting to a larger number of people and more competitive.

Archery and synchronized swimming are interesting arts, but I hardly think of them as sports in which the best players in the world are competing.


Two things about McDonalds

1. I love McDonalds.  It provides cheap, tasty calories to the masses and I partake about once a week.  My biggest complaint is that they don’t serve breakfast all day.  Seriously, McDonalds, SERVE BREAKFAST ALL DAY!  No more promotional sandwiches, coffee drink bars or lead-infused Shrek glasses–the best idea you’ve ever had to increase your bottom line is something you already do until 10:30AM.

2. Whenever you mention McDonalds, you get one of two responses: “I love McDonalds, too,” or “I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s in X.”  The first one is an almost universal truth.  McDonalds’ food is designed to tantalize human taste buds.  I don’t believe many of the people who say they don’t like the taste.  I think they are lying.  But worse are the people who wear the amount of time it’s been since they had McDonalds’ food on their sleeve, like a counter.

When I say I like or am about to go eat at McDonalds, nothing could be more judgmental than telling me how good you think you are for not partaking.

And then when I bring it back to my desk, you ask for a fry.

Business Words that Suck





More to come.

Wearing heels

I like to wear high-heeled shoes.

People look at my shoes when I wear high heels and ask me why I would wear torture devices on my feet, but they make me feel feminine.  They remind me of a time when I was a little girl and my Barbies had high heels and my mom wouldn’t let me get any.  They remind me to sit up and have poise.

I like to wear high-heeled shoes, and I wear them for myself!

Toward a Cheaper AND More Attractive Fashion Philosophy

I have a fashion philosophy that would make magazines and high-priced boutiques weep: Dress attractively.

As a woman, I want to dress to be feminine and attractive. They say women dress for women, but in talks with men in my life, both friends and boyfriends, I hear that a lot of what women wear confuses and dismays them. Men don’t get the point of bat-wing sweaters or cowl necks or anything loose or long at all. They like fitted, classic looks–things that are cheap to come by. By dressing to impress other women, we’re not only wasting money but confusing our professed audience. Nothing makes most men happier than a simple cotton sun dress, classic heels, and light makeup.

So save your time, your money and your love life and dress cheap.

Guilty Pleasure: Watching Infomercials

I love infomercials. Really I do.

No “but” here. I almost always watch TV just in the background while I’m doing something else. I love the upbeat commentators and funny, ridiculous claims, and shots of good looking food, shiny hair, and whatever else the product claims to provide. Infomercials are also great to fall asleep to…

Maybe I should get cable.


Most personal blogs suffer long periods of inactivity.

This blog will likely be the same. I think about posting every day but don’t always get around to it. I’m also still warring with myself over who my audience is and whether I want to keep subject matter within any box or not.

For now, though it’s 11:54 on a Sunday and I have to start another long week tomorrow.

See you again soon, Blog.

I’m a Troll and So Can You

There’s a lot of talk on the internet about trolls and yet no one will admit to being one. I will: I am a troll.

Trolls get a wholly bad rap, but I see the silver lining. Trolls have been responsible, under the Anonymous flag, of the repeated harassment of the Church of Scientology. Trolls are responsible for 3 Wolf Moon ( and Water Boiling recipe (

Trolling is defined by making posts to an internet forum with the intention of eliciting as much response as possible. Consequently, much viral phenomenon growth is attributable to trolling. Popularity of such successful community sites as Fark and Something Awful and 4chan is attributed largely to trolls.

So, thank your local troll today because there’s no such thing as bad publicity!

I’m Anxious

I readily admit it–I’m anxious.

I work as a Web Project Manager and I’m constantly complimented as being “as cool as a cucumber” in a hectic environment.  My friends say “But you never seem anxious!” and yet I’ve struggled with it all my life.  I think a lot of people do, and I think it’s hard to see sometimes, but I think we should all be more gentle with each other because we never know what the person we’re taling to is going through.

And if someone is rough with you, try to chalk it up to them going through something trying themselves.  You’ll both be better off.

Hello blog!

It’s 2010, I’m 27, and I’m starting my 3rd? 4th? blog.

I’ve always failed in the past because I tried to focus on one thing and write for an audience.  Now, I’m going to write about miscellaneous things and aim to please myself.  I secretly hope I please others, too.